27 Nov 2010

R.I.P. Sleazy

Cosey & Sleazy

At the tender age of 20 he introduced himself to me. From that moment on I affectionately called him Sleazy and he became my dear friend, collaborator, experimentalist and explorer of life, loves and beyond. We got up to so many things, created so much music and art together, laughed, cried and caused havoc at times. What wonderful memories. Of all the many people I’ve known he was one of the very few who was genuinely kind with not a trace of malice in him. I can’t express the void his passing has created but in my grief I hold on to his wish not to be sad as he passes over into his next life with his heart melting smile and that arched Sleazy eyebrow.

All the love in my heart and blessings my beautiful Sleazy, I miss you so much. x x x x

Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson 1955 - 2010

Book of condolence at http://unklesleazy.tv
Statement by Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti , TG / X-TG
Peter Christopherson's final blog
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  1. A beautiful soul, who gave so much to all of us. I can only be thankful.

  2. Cosey, thank you for this beautiful picture.

    Pictures like these increase and ease the pain the emptiness Peter's death created.

    I wasn't as fortunate to know Peter like you did. You all have made such a difference in my life since around '79, you feel like family and beyond to me.

  3. What lovely words Cosey, it's terribly difficult not to feel sad but he will live on forever in our memories.

    Rest in peace Unkle Sleaz.

  4. May Peter be at peace or in flight, whichever would please him the most at this point in his progression. Thank you Sleaz for the inspiration, the warmth and the art. Love and blessings from the lot of us, Greg

  5. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful remembrance of a good soul. Blessed be.

  6. Lovely words Cosey.
    My thoughts are with you and Chris.
    The world has lost one of its brightest lights.

  7. You are all stars...far off beings shining light onto those who know enough to look in your direction. Peter's work will continue to inspire me, and others, as long as we have eyes and ears...and know where to look. You're lucky to have known this dashing (a bit like Sean Connery, I always thought) and talented individual. Warm wishes to you and Chris during this sad time. This to shall pass, and the good memories will remain.

  8. cosey - you are lucky to have played with such a prolific and incredible soul. his passing has left me distressed and i am having a very hard time with it. all the best wishes and thoughts are out to you from your emeralds boys! - love john and the rest of the emeralds crew

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo, Cosey.
    Best wishes to you & Chris!

  10. I only met him once when I snuck backstage on new years '06. I flew all the way from San Francisco to Berlin by myself to see TG (and Cosey, it was an excellent show, thank you!). Afterward I got to chat a bit with Sleazy and he was the just the kindest man. When I arrived backstage I was very nervous but he welcomed me completely. He told me about his new band Threshold HouseBoys Choir, I still have the card he autographed for me - "Love Sleazy". His music will play on in my heart.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us all. Your words have touched me more than any others.

  12. Your words are so moving. That is a fantastic photograph.

  13. this is such a beautiful picture of you & sleazy.
    I'm very sorry to find out about your loss.
    He's in a much better place.
    R.I.P. sleazy.

  14. So sorry for your loss. I know Sleazy meant alot to many of us who didn't even properly know him.

  15. I met Sleazy last year on T.G's tour of the states. I was quite nervous meeting him, but he put all fears aside with his smile and gentle nature. We gave T.G. a ride to the show and Sleazy was stuck in the backseat, one of the band members closed the door and forgot that he was sitting in the third row.

    A slight panic ensued, very comedic, but I was amazed at how dignified T.G. was especially Sleazy. He had a big smile on his face when he climbed out of the car. It was a moment I won't forget and I will always remember you Peter.

    May you rest in peace.

  16. Thank you for this heartfelt post, sharing your tender memories with us. I didn't know Peter personally,but i'm grateful for all beautiful music he left us.

    I wish you strength with this grieving loss Cosey.

    Sweet greetz from the Netherlands

  17. Thank you for sharing this photo + story. I cannot imagine the depth of grief his death has brought to you + others whose lives he touched.

    Your words are a beautiful, touching ode to such an inspiring man.

    rip Sleazy.

  18. lovely xxxxx

    Bulle Shah -sufi poet

    The soil is in ferment, O friend
    Behold the diversity.

    The soil is the horse, so is the rider
    The soil chases the soil, and we hear the clanging of soil.

    The soil kills the soil, with weapons of the soil,
    That soil with more on it, is arrogance,
    The soil is the garden so is its beauty,
    The soil admires the soil in all its wondrous forms.

    After the circle of life is done it returns to the soil.

    Answer the riddle O Bulleh, and take this burden off my head.

  19. Will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace.

  20. Hello, Cosey.

    Here is my tribute to Peter:



    Thank you, Sleazy.

    Best wishes, Cosey.

  21. Thank you Cosey for your tribute to a wonderful human being. Peter had the softest way of bringing a profound strength and beauty into my wild teenage years. His flame of uncompromising creative individuality still burns brightly within me. I love him and send him my positive energy for the next journey. Nick Alvarez