27 Nov 2011

Another County...

Sleazy's Prayer flags

Long time no blog - an understatement… but I make no excuses or apologies as it's obvious that the huge amount of activities this year (and my comments on Twitter) precluded blogging.... I just forgot in the maelstrom of hopping from one project and country to another. 

Yes it's been an extraordinary year, a non-stop train of creative endeavours, a great sense of fulfilment on many levels both artistically and personally. But we need to calm things down a bit to ensure our physical well being. So... Chris and I will primarily be working on the huge project that is 'TG's Desertshore, The Final Report’ for the coming months with the aim to release it late’ish 2012.

Some really, really exciting things are happening next year, the first being the Koenig publication of 'COSEY COMPLEX’, the book of the 2010 ICA event of the same name. Chris and I also have some special live performances planned for 2012 and we’lll announce those as soon as we have them confirmed, probably in February. So I'm totally looking forward to a great 2012. 

But right now I'm preparing for the last Carter Tutti performance of 2011 on Dec 3rd in Rome. 
EVENT LINK. Then it will be a slow wind down to enjoying some pagan festivities and quality time with family.

Pagan blessings everyone.
Stay kind and true.
A calm and happy Cosey x

11 Jan 2011

New Year...

Duck on blue

The ending of 2010 was so sad and cruel but now I'm just beginning to feel the resurgence of positive energies and it feels good. There are so many plans for this year, some that were laid last year and some new exciting projects that we're utterly thrilled about. I'll make sure to post them as soon as all are officially confirmed. In the meantime I have a LOT of work to do for the C&C ICA show on Feb 4th. Back to the studio and a shift in time to our earlier works....fun!

See you on the 4th those who are coming along!
Cosey x

27 Nov 2010

R.I.P. Sleazy

Cosey & Sleazy

At the tender age of 20 he introduced himself to me. From that moment on I affectionately called him Sleazy and he became my dear friend, collaborator, experimentalist and explorer of life, loves and beyond. We got up to so many things, created so much music and art together, laughed, cried and caused havoc at times. What wonderful memories. Of all the many people I’ve known he was one of the very few who was genuinely kind with not a trace of malice in him. I can’t express the void his passing has created but in my grief I hold on to his wish not to be sad as he passes over into his next life with his heart melting smile and that arched Sleazy eyebrow.

All the love in my heart and blessings my beautiful Sleazy, I miss you so much. x x x x

Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson 1955 - 2010

Book of condolence at http://unklesleazy.tv
Statement by Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti , TG / X-TG
Peter Christopherson's final blog
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independent Newspaper Obituary
BBC Obituary
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16 Oct 2010

Autumnal Musings 

Duck on blue

Well 3 months have passed and so much has happened. Hope everyone has kept up to speed with my activities via my postings, even if I haven't blogged about them all. I'm in the grip of preparations for up coming TG shows right now with most exhilarating moments in the studio trying out new sounds AND Chris just finished making a new sound box for me.
November 1st - very excited that the rereleased Chris & Cosey vinyl albums will be out!! 
Keep your eyes peeled for another forthcoming announcement.

I can't see much time to rest between now and next May as there are so many other big projects in the pipeline. A lot of recorded material awaiting final mixing and release. What more can I say? Life is gloriously rich in so many ways.